Travel Insurance Seniors - Benefits

Senior Canadians Travelling outside Canada


Key Benefits

Maximum Limit

Maximum liability $5,000,000
Emergency medical treatment - Emergency medical treatment for sickness or injury whether in-patient or out-patient care
- Services of physician, surgeon, anaesthetist, registered graduate nurse
- Private duty nursing
- X-rays and laboratory services
- Rental of essential medical appliances
Ambulance Yes, including paramedics or taxi in lieu
Prescription drugs Limit of a 30-day supply
Professional medical services - Up to $500 per practitioner including a licensed physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, osteopath,
podiatrist and optometrist
Dental - Up to $4,000 for accident
- Up to $500 for any other dental emergencies
Hospital allowance $50 per day to a maximum of $500 for incidental hospital charges
Emergency air transportation Up to policy limit; includes cost of air ambulance, stretcher fare or one-way economy airfare, medical attendant or
travelling companion, seat upgrade when medically necessary (for insured and attendant or travelling companion)
Return of excess baggage Up to $200, provided there was no room aboard and when the insured is returned to the home province under the
Emergency Air Transportation Benefit or Repatriation Benefit
Return of travelling companion A one-way economy airfare back to the departure point if the insured is returned home for medical reasons
Escort of children/grandchildren Up to age 21 or 25 if full-time student; no age limit for mentally/physically handicapped
Repatriation - Up to $10,000 for repatriation (excluding cost of coffin)
- Up to $4,000 for burial/cremation at place of death (excluding cost of burial coffin or urn)
- Transportation costs for one family member to identify the body and up to $150 per day for meals and
accommodation to a maximum of five days; the family member will also be covered as an insured for a maximum
of five days
Family transportation One economy return airfare or ground transportation costs and up to $150 per day for out-of-pocket expenses
Out-of-pocket expenses Up to $400 per day to a maximum of $4,000 when insured or travelling companion is hospitalized on the date
scheduled to return to the home province or when transferred to a different hospital in another city for emergency
medical treatment
Return of vehicle Up to $4,000
Return to your destination One-way economy airfare by the most direct route to return to the insured’s original trip destination following a return
to their home province under the Emergency Air Transportation Benefit
Return of accompanying dog or cat Up to $300

Key Features

Plans available Annual
- Multi trip worldwide
- Multi trip within Canada
- Worldwide
- Worldwide excluding USA (includes up to 5 days transit coverage in USA)
- Within Canada
Pre-existing conditions coverage 59 years and under
- No stability period for trips of 35 days and less*
- 90-day stability period for trips over 35 days
60 to 74 years
- 180-day stability period for all trip lengths
75 to 89 years
- 365-day stability period for all trip lengths
* Conditions and/or symptoms which arose or worsened on the date of departure, or at any time within the seven days prior to the date of departure, other than a minor ailment, will not be covered.
Deductible Automatic $250 deductible; buy-out option available or other deductible options up to $100,000 for premium discount
One temporary visit to home province
during a single trip
Includes up to a maximum of 10 days
Family rate Available up to age 59; includes grandparents and grandchildren as well as children up to age 21 or 25 if full-time
students; no age limit if children are mentally/physically handicapped
Subrogation No subrogation against any employment plans with a lifetime maximum limit of $100,000 or less



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Medical Emergencies
  • Hospital confinement and treatment
  • Ambulance services
  • Medicines and/or drugs & More...