Travel Insurance Seniors - Repatriation

Senior Canadians Travelling outside Canada


 In the event of your death during a trip as a result of an accident or an unexpected sickness covered under the Policy benefits, the company will reimburse:

a) Up to a maximum of $10,000 for the preparation and return of your body, including the cost of a standard shipping container (excluding cost of a burial coffin) to your home province in Canada; or,

b) Up to a maximum of $4,000 for burial or cremation at the place of death (excluding cost of a burial coffin or urn), in the event your body is not returned to your home province.

c) Transportation costs of one family member to go to the place of your death to identify your body when it is necessary to be identified prior to the release of your body and up to a limit of $150 per day for meals and commercial accommodation to a maximum of five days. The family member identifying your body will also be covered as an insured under this Policy for a maximum of five days.

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